Karaoke Workshop for Beginners happening June 2019!

If you’ve always wanted to get up and sing on karaoke night but need a little nudge, now’s your chance!

21078520_10155539258580030_1468460900874182669_nWhen I moved from Minneapolis to San Miguel de Allende in 2008, I didn’t know anyone here and I didn’t speak Spanish. So I started going to karaoke three or four nights a week. Occasionally there were other tourists but often I was the only English-speaking person in the room. When I heard a song in Spanish that I liked, I would practice at home and then try it out on stage. I was so nervous! But thanks to the patience and support of local karaoke hosts and fans, I learned songs that had people singing and dancing along with me, I learned Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation, and best of all, I made friends.

In 2010 I started hosting karaoke shows and private parties myself, and became known as Karaoke Annie. To date I’ve hosted more than 400 karaoke nights in over 10 different venues and am now hosting three bilingual karaoke nights a week in San Miguel.

Dachshund karaokeKaraoke is good for your mental, physical and spiritual health and for your social life, even if you’re a terrible singer! Talent is simply not required because it’s all about you finding joy in the music for three to five glorious minutes—and trust me, people will applaud you just for daring to try.

This Karaoke Workshop for Beginners won’t improve your vocal skills but it will give you the courage to get up in front of other people and sing! REGISTER NOW!

The small-group, 3-hour workshop will include:
  • Beverage of your choice. (Food and beverages also available for purchase on site.)
  • A 12-minute mini-documentary by and for karaoke fans.
  • A look behind the scenes… what all the equipment is for, and what the host (and others) do before you get there to make a karaoke night possible.
  • Karaoke etiquette: your role in creating a karaoke night that’s fun for all and especially for YOU!
  • How to pick the songs that you’re best at. (For inspiration, you’ll find downloadable, searchable PDF songbooks in English, Spanish, and other languages at http://karaokeani.com.)
  • How to hold the microphone, breath control, and other “mechanics” that make you sound your best.
  • Try out a song or two. Remember, talent is not a requirement! You’ll be practicing to get the feel of it so you’re more comfortable in a larger group setting.
  • Learn one song in Spanish as a group.
  • Q&A throughout the session.
What to bring
  • Come with an idea of 2-3 songs you’d like to try singing. If the original song is not in your key, we’ll change it so it’s in your vocal range.
  • Cash for food and additional beverages if desired.
  • Optional: Phone/camera to record yourself or take selfies.
Limit 6 participants, beginners only. Families and groups welcome.


Workshops begin June 3.


Questions? Click the registration link above for more information, and if you still have questions, leave a comment below and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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