Find a Rental Home in SMA


I offer a fee-based service for people who are willing to sign at least a 12-month lease. Once I know your budget and needs/wants, I can find you a home that is furnished or unfurnished, as well as negotiate the best lease deal (100% commission rental agents won’t do that, as it reduces their income), and get the place ready for move-in (adding, fixing, cleaning, etc.—for example one recent client wanted her rental place “cat-proofed” and she had me find a good deal on a refrigerator and have it installed, plus I had lightbulbs put into empty sockets, stocked up on gas, and put snacks in the fridge!).

My process is to provide up to 100 photos of each home I visit on your behalf, and I visit only those homes that meet ALL of your “must have” criteria and as many as possible of your “nice to haves.” For this I charge $500 USD up front. There is also a $50-per-home option (min. three pre-paid) if you have already narrowed down a list of homes you want to check out but cannot (or would rather not) tour them all on your own. In addition to the fee, you would cover any desired purchases, cleaning service, or what-have-you. That’s an easy PayPal transfer. Sometimes people sign up on all the various rental lists, bulletin boards, vacation rental sites, etc., and send me the ones that interest them. Either way is fine with me. In addition to the fee and expenses, I retain any commission offered by the landlord.

I can help with other things you might need, too, before you move: getting you a local P.O. box with a U.S. address … finding a moving company if you need one … getting you registered for IMSS or Seguro Popular health insurance (only $200-$400 a year based on age, and no pre-qualifying!!!) … facilitating your Temporary Resident or Permanent Resident card application, etc. Each of those services has its own fee.

Questions or want to get started? Contact me!