Lifelong Learning in San Miguel

As an American living in Mexico, I learn something new every day just by walking around and breathing. It’s a benefit of settling on foreign soil, especially when the language of the land is not one’s mother tongue.

Still, there’s a thrill in taking classes in English, in drinking in the words and perspectives of an expert in science, literature, cooking, the arts. We all know it keeps us young and alive, gives us something to talk about, and helps us to make new connections.

San Miguel de Allende is rich in lifelong learning opportunities for expats. There is even a formal Lifelong Learning Program offered by Centro Cultural and Instituto Allende, under the direction of educational researcher and author Jo Sanders, who founded the program. Several courses are offered during each of three terms (January–March, July-August, and October-December). Each course runs $350 pesos to $640 pesos (2016-2017 prices) and includes from two to five two-hour classes. Course fees include lunch or a social hour and snacks after each class.

The Lifelong Learning Program is so popular that by the date of this post, one course five months away has already sold out. However, plenty of fascinating offerings remain and are open to visitors as well as residents. Click here for a full course listing and to register.

For veterans, the Instituto Allende offers arts and language courses and workshops under the G.I. Bill (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs). For more information, click here or contact Bernardo Flores at


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